How to Make a Small Condo Unit More Comfortable

22 Jan

How to Make a Small Condo Unit More Comfortable

As you might have already known, residence units, for example in Grandeur Park Residences, are available in different sizes, ranging from small condo units like studios to the big ones like penthouses. Small-sized rooms have always been one of the reasons why most of the people, including you, who live in such small quarters hold themselves to not decorate their rooms like the will do for a home. Therefore, in order to make small quarters more comfortable to live in, of course, you have to conjure a home-like in general, which will, in turn, make your daily activities a lot easier. So, here are some of the tips to turn a small residence with a unique d├ęcor that will make it like a home comfortable and beautiful.

– Use Mirror

The mirror is one way to create the illusion of a more spacious in a room. Especially if your condo is small in size, by placing mirrors strategically then the room will look wider and comprehensive truth.

In addition to creating an optical illusion, a mirror is also capable of being used to expand the lighting automatically be reflected from the mirror surface. Mirrors can replace the function of the window and that you should definitely put it in the right position.

– Use a strategy for the placement of furniture

Before you plan to buy furniture, you have to specify every benefit for every room. For example, bed to sleep that there should be in the bedroom while there should be a sofa in the living room. After buying furniture that is really needed, you can add some extra furniture that will give another color and texture to the room.

The placement of furniture does not have to always stick to the wall because if you put too attached then the room seemed cold and unappealing. And you should consider is do not put furniture that can narrow the space such as near the door.